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Re: Bind DNS version ?

Hi ,

I should make the word "Compability" more clearly.
I meant in situtation as,
   W2K using DDNS as master/primary DNS  for Zone "abcde.com".
   and RH X.X DNS as secondary zone for "abcde.com"

   Or vice versa,

   When the primary DNS record got changed, like
    a PPP customer dial in w/ name "johndoe.abcde.com"
   the DNS record change will be distributed thru both RH/W2K
    DDNS server.



> MFT wrote:
> > 
> > I will appreciate your responding.
> > Q1: How to determine the RH6.2/ 6.1/ 6.0 DNS Bind version ?
> The stock version, or your own?  You're free to run
> any version of bind under any version of RedHat.
> Try "rpm -qa | grep bind".
> > Q2: Do they compatible w/ MS W2K to support DDNS ?
> What do you mean by this?
> DDNS is a complicated thing.  So is Win2000.
> However, I fail to see what "compatibilty" you're looking for.
> - Kevin Colby
>   kevinc grainsystems com
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