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Mandrake 6.0


I've installed Mandrake 6 before, but this particular time something went
wrong..   I think I may know why, but I'm not sure... Recently I bought a
20.5GB Quantum Fireball+ LM hard drive.  I stuck it in my old comp, which
has a 486 motherboard... it registers as 8GB to fdisk and Win95.

I install Linux, and in the installation program it finds all 20 gigs... now
as far as I know my motherboard doesn't SUPPORT that big a hard drive.  So
maybe the system itself thinks it is only 8g while Linux knows it's 25g and
it doesn't work?

What happened was it was booting, and at a certain point it would just
stall, no activity at all for a long long time, and I reset it.  So of
course it messes it up, it takes a really long time again and stalls... I
tried switching hard drive jumpers thinking I could have gotten it wrong,
but it had no effect..

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