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RP3 under RH 6.1


Does anybody have good experience with Gnome's RP3 dialer? I have
several problems with it:

- RP3 has accepted a modem that has been configured as /dev/ttyS2 from
within RH 6.1 but from within RP3 it tries to use some strange AT
commands, not compatible with that model. Where is RP3's init string
located in order to fix that?

- After dialing a number, ppp negotiation is being started, but there is
not successful connection as a result (from within KDE's KPPP it is ok).

- Is it possible to manage multiple numbers of the ISP to be dialed
sequentially if one of them is busy, so to dial other numbers? (From
KDE's KPPP also ok)

- Why RP3 seems to 'remember' if an ISP name has been deleted from the
list and if it is needed that an ISP with the same name to be added to
the list, RP3 complains that's such a name already existing (but an
input is deleted).


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