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Hello. "Mozilla" is the codename for the open source project to build the next
version of the Netscape Navigator browser and family of applications. It's
sponsored by Netscape. You can see more and get links to downloads from the
homepage at www.mozilla.org

You want to follow the links to getting the latest nightly build of Mozilla.
Many platforms (especially Linux) are supported. There's a simple script you run
to install.

ps if there's ever a mention of a piece of software and you're not sure what it
does or where to get it, Freshmeat is a great resource for searching for it. Try
http://freshmeat.net. There's a search engine and you can input the name of an
app and it will take you to a summary page with links to the download and to the
home page.

Good luck,


rbenson ihl state ms us on 02/05/2000 12:13:35

Please respond to redhat-install-list redhat com

To:   redhat-install-list redhat com

Subject:  Re: Mozilla nightly build now much more stable

Where would one get this?
rbenson ihl state ms us

Paul Newman pgen com wrote:
> At work I have been using the nightly build of Mozilla for a while (alas, on
> Win32), updating more or less every day since M15. I can tell all you people
> are frustrated with Netscape 4.72 that today's build of the Win32 platform
> version (the first I have tried since Friday) seems much faster and more
> than anything I've seen to date. I think they've made some big breakthrough in
> the widget set or something.
> I would recommend people to give it a go. Previously it was slow or crashed
> but I recon this is now preferable to Netscape 4.72 and they must be very
> to a release. Scrolling is v. fast and smooth and page rendering is also very
> quick. You no longer have to wait after clicking a button, and can now tab
> through forms for the first time.
> This is now my browser of choice.
> Paul.

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