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On 02-May-00 Martin opined:
> Hello everybody!
> Why does every second one on this LINUX-list use M$-Outlook Express???
> The "best" example:
>>      test (again, sorry about this)
>>      Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 07:49:00 -0400
>>      From:"Marc Deschambault" <marc targetpc com>
>>      To: <redhat-install-list redhat com>
>>      Reply to: redhat-install-list redhat com
>>      sorry about this, just have to sort out outlook express
> Don't you know that this Mailing-list is about Linux ???
> Linux has plenty of GOOD Mailing Programs!!!

And many who use it end up with the 'Doze-only fonts which cause my mailer
(xfmail) errors. I tried adding to the fonts with which the mailer can
substitute, but the total numbers are limited.

I've tried working with some of them to get the proper fonts working. That
resulted in dozens of test mails a day, more than I had time to deal with.

Now I just add an offender to my kill rules and don't worry about them any

It is easier to fix Unix than to live with NT.

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