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Re: Books

On Wed, 3 May 2000, Mark Lo wrote:

> Hi,
>     Can anyone give me some advice of which mail server should I adopt.
> Sendmail or qmail.  I am not able to get the two running properly,
> doesn't have any cues.  Which one is more user friendly?  Any
> suggestions for Sendmail Books or qmail Books.

Please consider getting qmail as it is much faster and 100 % safer than

Sendmail has a lot of bugs that allow any nubile hacker to get root access
on your system...and sendmails author has addmitted that it has to be
rewritten from scratch anyway...

So my advice would be rather than getting yesterdays mailer (sendmail)
please consider getting qmail as it is used by a lot of sites...bill gates
hotmail.com...egroups...even the postfix mailing list uses it...

And qmail is impossible to crack there has been a reward for anyone who
can crack it but it there have been no takers.....:-)

Sendmail is a pain in the @SS to learn ..life is too short to read the
sendmail manual...just have a look at the sendmail.cf file and you will
understand what I mean...

Please see <www.qmail.org> for more info about qmail....

There is a qmail mailing list to which you can subscribe and post you
querys and they would help you a lot...thats what I suggest...


> Thank You.
> Mark Lo
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