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Re: Intel 810

Dirk Laurie wrote:
> I have a Compaq Deskpro with an Intel 810e video card
> and a standard RH 6.2 Linux installation.
> I can't get X to work.  Xconfigurator sees my chip
> but it fails the probes; SuperProbe doesn't recognize it.
> The www.xfree86.org website says the 810 series is
> supported only on i386 machines (fine) in the SVGA
> driver (fine) provided I've got the kernel module
> agpgart.o (not fine).  When I run startx, the complaint
> is just that: it can't find agpgart.o.  locate can
> only find agpgart.h.
> I seem to have the following options:
> 1. Get a newer kernel off the updates.
> 2. Get a newer XFree86 directly from www.xfree86.org.
> 3. Build my own kernel from the kernel source and
>    configure it to include agpgart.o (presumably it
>    counts as an "experimental" driver).
> All of these are huge, traumatic system changes which
> I don't want to try one by one until one works, if ever.
> I can't be the only Linux user in the world with a new
> Compaq, disgustingly W98-biased though the machine might
> be.  Please tell me what works.
> Dirk
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Hi Dirk,

everything you need is at: 

Intel provides good support for this chipset!

Follow the instructions and get the downloads and your X11 setup will
work. I had to setup a i810 PC some weeks ago (RedHat 6.1) and it was
quite easy (no need to rebuild the kernel!) I did not test it with
RedHat 6.2, but i guess it will also work out of the box. 

hope this helps
best regards
Ing. Thomas Mandl            

System and Network Administrator     phone: +43 1 877 56 45/53
Thomas NEUROTH Ges.m.b.H.              fax: +43 1 876 49 20
Hietzinger Hauptstrasse 22          e-mail: Thomas Mandl neuroth co at
A-1130 Vienna/Austria              NIC-HDL: TM4373, RIPE-HDL: TM539-RIPE

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