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Perl/Apache install problems


I'm new to Linux and need help.

I purchased a Dell workstation with Red Hat 6.0 installed. Subsequently, I purchased the Red Hat 6.1 Professional package with the intent of trying to learn Perl and Apache. I performed the 6.1 upgrade, and it seemed to upgrade ok.

Now I want to install the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) and the Apache secure web server.

While running a terminal window in Gnome, I inserted the CPAN cdrom which came with RH 6.1. It brought up the Gnome RPM.

I then selected install, and it brought up the install window. I changed the filter to "Uninstalled or new packages" and selected "Select All". I then select install.

After a few seconds, I was presented with a "Dependency Problems" window and a long list of this_requires_this files. I selected not to ignore the problems, since the message indicated my system might become unstable if I did.

I then unmounted the CPAN CD and tried the same with the "Secure Web Server" CD. Same problem except that there were only 4 dependency files.

I'm not sure what to do next.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Willis Gregory
tacedi series2000 com

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