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RE: Perl/Apache install problems

You need to find all the rpm's for all the dependancies and run the rpm
installer for them.
You may notice a snowball effect where you need one thing but that one thing
needs 2 more...etc.
Stick with it.  It isn't as bad as you think.
The OTHER option that you may be able to do is to reboot the RH 6.1 machine
with RH CD.
Upgrade your system by picking the perl and apache packages.
-Andrew Allen

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Subject: Re: Perl/Apache install problems

What are the dependencies?


On Thu, 4 May 2000, Willis Gregory wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm new to Linux and need help.
> I purchased a Dell workstation with Red Hat 6.0 installed.  Subsequently,
> purchased the Red Hat 6.1 Professional package with the intent of trying
> learn Perl and Apache.  I performed the 6.1 upgrade, and it seemed to 
> upgrade ok.
> Now I want to install the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) and
> Apache secure web server.
> While running a terminal window in Gnome, I inserted the CPAN cdrom which 
> came with RH 6.1.  It brought up the Gnome RPM.
> I then selected install, and it brought up the install window.   I changed

> the filter to "Uninstalled or new packages" and selected "Select All".   I

> then select install.
> After a few seconds, I was presented with a "Dependency Problems" window 
> and a long list of this_requires_this files.  I selected not to ignore the

> problems, since the message indicated my system might become unstable if I
> I then unmounted the CPAN CD and tried the same with the "Secure Web 
> Server" CD.  Same problem except that there were only 4 dependency files.
> I'm not sure what to do next.
> Any suggestions appreciated.
> Willis Gregory
> tacedi series2000 com

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