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Re: Perl/Apache install problems


Thanks for the help. One strange thing I just noticed is that some of the so-called missing dependencies seem to be on my system, only in different directories than Gnome RPM is looking for them.

> When I try to install the CPAN disk, I get approx. 412 missing
> dependencies, such as:
>      perl-MIME-Base64-2.11-5 requires libc.so.6.1
>      ...
>      perl-Apache-ASP-0.15-5 requires mod_perl
>      ...
>       perl-sitemapper-1.015-4 requires /bin/env
>       ...
>       perl-WWW-Search-2.03-4 requires /usr/local/bin/perl
>       ....
>       etc.

When I did a find on perl and env, it showed the files were on my system at the following locations:


The implication to me is that the RPM is looking for files in the wrong location.

Results of your suggestions are below.

Type the following and see what comes up:
rpm -qa | grep perl


rpm -qa | grep libc

glibc-devel-2.1.2-11 libc-5.3.12-31 glibc-2.1.2-11 compat-glibc-5.2-

You should be able to find mod_perl on your Red Hat cds otherwise, you can download it from the ftp

There is a file "extra-SRPMS/perl-mod_perl-1.21-4.src.rpm" on the CPANdisk. Is this the one I should load.

Gnome RPM locked up on me several times during my attempts to load the CD, plus the screen saver does not work. I keep hoping Linux will be the Windows killer, but it doesn't seem ready for prime time based on the problems I keep having with Red Hat.

Willis Gregory
tacedi series2000 com

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