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Re: DNS problem, nslookup not working

On Fri, 05 May 2000, Kevin Colby wrote:
> Brian A Bucher wrote:
> > 
> > I'm not exactly sure what you mean.  I'm using a single network
> > card, and the switch (perhaps a computer?) somewhere on the
> > route between here and the outside world translates the IPs
> > from 192 to 216 and the reverse.
> Huh?
> Is this machine even accessibile from the Internet?
> You've lost me now.

We're both confused.  Let me explain with an example.
If I'm on a computer on our local network and I telnet to
npisrv1.n-p-i.net, then npisrv1 recognizes the data
coming from the remote computer as coming from
a computer with an IP address starting with 192.168.3.blah.

If I telnet with the same computer to a host somewhere else,
like at MIT or something, then the machine at MIT sees me
coming from a 216.foo.foo.blah (where "blah" can change
depending on the computer)

So, the packets from the computer are from 216. until they
hit the switch, which says "I'll now replace this 216. address
with a 192. address."

Does that make more sense?


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