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Re: How to boot up KDE desktop default

Hung Dao wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just installed both Gnome and KDE desktops of the RH 6.2. Most of the time
> i'm using KDE Desktop more than Gnome desktop.,so that i want to set KDE as
> the default desktop other than Gnome. I have set KDE as defult desktop, but
> the next time i boot up the Gnome appeares again, so i have to log out Gnome
> and switch to KDE manually.Please help me to to set gnome default to KDE
> default. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
> Hung
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Hi Jung Dao

Open a terminal and type switchdesk-gnome
Select KDE and press OK
Restart Xwindows and KDE will start and will always be your default
windows manager.  Every user need to perform this task, if KDE is wanted
for the default manager, including root.

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