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Re: Install without CD

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Subject:        	Install without CD
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> Is it possible to install Linux without a CD, if so how ?
> --
> James

 I guess you mean installing without a CD player? If you don't have a CD 
disk you'll have to download the installation files or CD image. No option if 
you don't have a broadband internet connection.
 Installing without a CD player is possible if you have a linux system running 
with NFS. You can then share the CD or install files on hard disk, use the 
bootnet.img which you copy to a floppy with rawrite or dd. You use this 
floppy to boot, and you can now install over the network.
 There used to be the option to use an SMB share in RedHat 5.1, so you 
could use a Windows share to access the install files. It's a pity the people 
at RedHat threw this option out, since it was a very good option if you want 
to convert your Windows network to linux and have no experience with 
setting up NFS yet. Maybe RedHat should reintroduce this option?!

					Good luck!


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