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Re: Questions about Partitioning a RH 6.1 Server [I am a newbie]

Will Hamm wrote:
> All,
>         This is my first post to this list. I am trying to setup a
> 6.1 webserver to run PHP, Apache, and MySQL (I will have more ?'s on
> installing those later ;-)...
>         I have read a few books on RH, but I wanted to know from an
> experienced user, what partitions should I be setting up for this
> webserver? Please don't quote from a book... tell me what and why you
> setup your partitions like you did for a similar machine.

Really, the only issue to partitioning is, "What do you want to
segregate from what?"  That's all partitioning gives you.  On
the same drive, it can protect one directory structure from
overfilling and taking all of another another's space, and possibly
provide a little more protection against catastrophic data loss.
On different drives, you get the added bonus of protection against
a physical head crash or something equally nasty.

Now with that in mind, what do you have in that setup that is
either very volatile or very important.  Let us seperate those
from each other as much as possible.

You will probably want /var and perhaps also /tmp off to themselves.
You may just want to symlink /tmp into /var.  Why?  Because running
a web server tends to generate lots of /var and /tmp activity,
and this way they can't decide to fill up /.  Further, I'd put them
on another drive, so that all that head movement doesn't slow the
other important seeks--the MySQL and web data (which, likewise, I
would give their own playgrounds to, if possible).

Now, you might also want to consider RAID, but that's a whole other
matter that changes this considerably.

	- Kevin Colby
	  kevinc grainsystems com

on a different drive.

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