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Re: changing IPs


why not use linuxconf? It does run on a console.
Anyway, if you don't have linuxconf installed, have a look
at this file:

Changing these data should be enough (I'm not totally sure).

Hope this helps,
Aldo Dolfi	<aldo dolfi tin it>

On Wed, 10 May 2000, Steve wrote:

> This may not be an install question, but... I'm changing the IP numbers for
> my network. I have found to files to change the gateway numbers and DNS
> numbers. I need a little help locating the IP number for the adapter (eth0)
> and such. I know they can be changed through the netcfg program, but I don't
> have any GUI running (not ehough drive space) to use netcfg.
> I use the machine as a drone mail server, which I've spent alot of time
> getting setup. The machine still works like a charm, so I want to keep it
> going if I can. Any suggestions on where to look for the eth0 config files?
> Thanks in advance...
> Steve
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