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We are experiencing some difficulty with pcnfsd on both 5.2 and 6.1 .  On
5.2 we can get a legacy DOS system to recognize and mount the drive, but it
can not copy or retrieve files from the mount.  On 6.1, it recognizes the
exported file system but will not mount the drive.  We can get to the
machine(s) via FTP or TELNET, but the process we have inherited requires the
mounting of a drive.

The DOS system has been working using the same program and PCNFSD running on
an old DG box and works (rather simply too) mounting to a new Sun Solaris
box (2.7).  

The PCNFSD daemons are running on both Linux boxes as well as NFSD daemons.
The export list has been updated and the daemons restarted to reflect any
changes.  The exports list has been tried both generically (without user or
group specifications) and specifically (including RW permissions, and
group/user identification).  There are some distinct differences between the
5.2 and 6.1 versions and their respective PCNFSD and NFSD processes.

What am I missing or what other information is necessary to troubleshoot
this problem?

Any help (as always) is greatly appreciated.

-Philip Burger

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