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You can use Linuxconf to add just POP users that don't need a
home/username directory or "real" login.

As for SQL authentication, I've no idea. I've tried to stay away from
authentication on remote servers because reliability goes way down the
more "parts" are involved... For example, our corporate IT guys decided it
would be nice to put our mail servers on Novell (against my
recommendations). When the ILOVEYOU virus hit, everyone's email died,
except mine, which is on RH5.2 and has been up for over 4 years with only
*user error* caused unscheduled downtime (I'm the only user that caused
that but it was for less than 30 minutes).

Karl Pearson
Senior Systems Analyst/D.B.A.
karlp colubs com

On Fri, 12 May 2000, Chowdhury, Haider wrote:

-=>Could any one please give ideas about how I can use the PAM and POP or IMAP.
-=>We want to maintain large number of users in a Linux Mail server. Now the
-=>USERID and PASS are stored in MS SQL (NT box). Would it be possible to do
-=>user authentication for only POP/IMAP using PAM from the USER/PASS in MS
-=>SQL. The second thing is how would I create POP user without home directory
-=>Help is highly appreciated.
-=>Razzakul Haider
-=>Database Developer
-=>To unsubscribe: mail redhat-install-list-request redhat com with
-=>"unsubscribe" as the Subject.

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