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Re: NT OS Loader + Linux = how?

kabir citenet net wrote:

> Weird to say the least.
> I have NT on an NTFS drive, it is alocated to  /dev/hda
> D is dos /dev/hda1   and / is  hda2 .
> boot= /dev/hda

Something seems to be interesting to me: how did you make your NT to be
on /dev/hda (instead of /dev/hda1 or /dev/hda2 or ...)? Especially if it
is NTFS that is not as FAT and that can't be visible from within DOS,
that you also have there. If you mean just of NT's boot loader to be on
/dev/hda (MBR) - then ok. Beside that, if your /root (what do you mean
by / ?) is on /dev/hda and you try to boot your system from the MBR
(NT's loader), I also found that not working. But, instead of your few
partitions on the same hard disk, I want to use separate disks for avery
O.S. I installed NT on the 1st SCSI disk (/dev/sda1 from Linux's point
of view) and put its NT loader into MBR (/dev/sda). It boots ok. After
that, I tried to install Linux (/root) onto any other disk (/dev/sdb1 or
/sdc1 or /sdd1) and everything seemed to be ok until the next re-boot.
During the installation, I asked the setup to make LILO into the /root
partition of the particular disk I used to install. It accepted that,
but after re-boot I only get "LI". FYI, during the BIOS sequence, all
disks are recognized with their addresses (1st is 0x80, then 2nd is 0x81
etc). So, I don't know if it is needed to put that information into
/etc/lilo.conf or any other place? And, how to do that when I can't boot
installed Linux to make changes within lilo.conf ? How to make any other
kind of bootable diskettes (without LILO) when I am still within
installing process, so I have access to terminal window of Linux
(Caldera 1.2 for example).

> Linux hangs when it is loaded from within theNT menu.
> Though  I did not do fdisk /mbr nd glad of it.
> I had to reinstall NT. Though Linux remained intact.
> To make a long story short, Linux couldn't read, maybe
> 'cause the kernel has to be able to read the NTFS partition.

I think it is not needed for Linux to read your other NTFS partition.
Its boot loader just should to activate Linux partition if you made
proper entry under NT's loader (using bootpart or similar utility). Any

> I'f I can help yah,I'll get back to you.
> Larry.


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