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RE: can't telnet to port 80

Telnet is typically port 23.  http is typically 80 or 8080.  If you cannot
get in, it is probably because your web server (apache?) is not configured
(nor possible, I think) to accept telnet traffic on port 80.  
For more info, check out your /etc/services file.  It gives the default
ports for stuff.  

what you probably want is to telnet (just use telnet machine_name ((don't
use the port))), and then use your id and password that you normally login
in with.  Then cd to where your document_root is if you want to modify web
server stuff. 

I don't reccomend having a nobody account allowed for ftp, nor anonymous.
There are other emails flying on how to configure those.  I usually use
linuxconf to configure this kind of stuff.
Andrew Allen

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Subject: can't telnet to port 80


      I have installed my apache under Redhat Linux 6.0, I wonder why
can't I telnet to port 80.  Is it a default security issues.  Also, my
web server is running as nobody for both user name and group name, and I
have a program which lets my user to upload the file into the
directories, so the user and the group 's file and directory must be set
to nobody as well,  I think this is a very insecure, because people can
always get in to my server by using the above user name and password.
So what is the security issues do i have to concern in the case.  Any
suggestions is helpful !!



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