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Re: Linux slower than Windows98

On Wed, 10 May 2000, pacmo wrote:

> I have installed Red Hat 6.2 my problem is that linux is very slower
> than Windows98 on the same computer. Gnome is straight infuriating,
> while with Kde go better. I have already tried to compile the kernel,
> the Ram of 62 Mb results be free always for only 2 o 3 Mb. Are not
> there services of active net and when do i try to verify with "top",
> does "top" result be the more binding process, like could I do ? Thank
> you pacmo

Well to free up more memory I suggest that you stop runing unwanted
services, If your computer is for home work then it is highly unlikely
that you would need squid,httpd, and other servers, so you can open
linuxconf and select control service activity and then turn off unwanted

This should free up more memory..I suspect that your PC's slowness is not
due to the GUI but due to it paging because of the lack of free memory..


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