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Re: R: Linux slower than Windows98

On Sun, 21 May 2000, Pier Antonio wrote:

> Can you write me what services i can stop ?
> I have home computer, not network, not isdn, only Internet, sound, joystick
> and printer.

Well you can start linuxconf and go to Control->ControlPanel->Control
Service Activity

IMHO you can then turn off httpd (the apache web server), squid (a caching
proxy server), innd (internet news demon), nfs, smb.....

Doing those should free up a lot of memory...

> Where i can found the description of the services ? Thank's

Well in my RH 6.0 there is a help button in linuxconf but when clicked it
says that the help hasn't been written yet...If you have a newer version
you may have better luck...

BTW The linux documents have a lot of info...


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