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Re: Access Denied for user web directories

On Mon, 22 May 2000, Pete Robie wrote:

> Good Morning,
> 	I have a simple problem and with a newborn due any day, i'm not
> thinking too clearly. For some reason, my user web directories are
> unaccessable to the general public. My main directory is fine, but all
> the user directories are not. Does anyone know what the permissions
> should be set at for the public_html directory? I tried 750, 751, and
> 755. Maybe i'm thinking completely wrong, but I thought it was
> something along those lines.
> TIA,
> Peter Robie


What error message are you getting from Apache?  Have you taken a look at
the logs?  One thing that jumps in my head immediately is the "~" which I
think is needed to access whatever public_html folder you have specified
in httpd.conf...and to access users public folders you normally have to
enter the URL like this:


If you can provide a bit better description of the problem, I (and others)  
might be able to provide a better answer.


Mike Neuharth
ADCS Technology Specialist

E-Mail		: mjn tc umn edu
Page Mail	: 6123065932 messaging sprintpcs com

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