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Re: MBR Clean up

Tak Kaneko wrote:
> I posted a message some time ago about a problem installing Linux 6.0 and
> now that exams have finished, I'm giving it another go...
> The Background
> --------------
> I'd installed Linux 5.2 successfully, which then stopped working when I
> repartitioned the HD using Partition Magic to make room for MatLab. I
> added a new HD for the sole purpose of Linux but having been trhough the
> whole installing faff for 6.0, I get the error error message saying I
> can't make a boot up disk (the floppy drive doesn't even churn) nor does
> it let me install LILO. Linux 5.2 has the same problem.

We'd need to know exactly what your partition layout is.
The output from "fdisk -l" (Linux fdisk) would be great,
as well as exactly how you were trying to install LILO.

> The Possible Solution?
> ----------------------
> I've restored the hardware configuration to the previous setting and I
> still get the same problem so I'm now suspecting that the fault lies in
> the MBR. I read in a PC magazine that FDISK can be used to repair the
> MBR. It also says that the command is "Fdisk/MBR" but it didn't work for
> me...

It's "fdisk /mbr" (don't forget the space), and this is only (IIRC)
for the DOS/Win fdisk.

> Is there an alternative (free) software that will clean up the MBR?

Any DOS boot floppy with DOS fdisk will do.  Most people don't
have a problem finding one of those.

> BIOS Virus protector
> --------------------
> The other possible solution is that the BIOS virus checker might be
> enabled -the last time I found it, it was disabled.... The stupid thing is
> I just can't find the damn thing in the BIOS manager! Where could it be??

Actually, depending on exactly what this "checker" does (block writes
to the MBR?), you may have to have this disabled at least until you
get LILO installed.

	- Kevin Colby
	  kevinc grainsystems com

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