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RE: telnet and ftp are VERY slow!


Check your /etc/hosts file. You probably already have the host name and IP
address of the local computer.  Add the host name and address of the
destination computer.  This need to be done on both computers.  Example

computer 1 /etc/hosts file		localhoast	localhoast.localdomain	computer1	computer1.something.com	computer2   computer2.something.com

computer 2 /etc/hosts file		localhoast	localhoast.localdomain	computer2   computer2.something.com	computer1	computer1.something.com

Remember these are only examples and you must be logged in as su or root to
make changes.  After completing this, still logged in as su or root, you
will probably need to restart inet and network as so on both machines.

/etc/rc.d/init.d/inet restart
/etc/rc.d/init.d/network restart

best of luck.


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From: David Zhuo [mailto:dzhuo spins com]
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Subject: telnet and ftp are VERY slow!

Hi all,
I have two RH 6.0 machines set up and am using telnet and ftp to transfer
files around.
Telnet and ftp works fine except that they are very slow. The actual
transfer rate isn't
slow but the time that I have to wait for the login prompt to come up takes
a long time,
over 2 minutes! I am new to linux and am not sure if that is normal, but I
suspect it isn't.
Hey, it only takes about 5 seconds for me to log in to my school account.
Why would it
take so long for 2 local machine to talk?

Thanks a lot.

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