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Re: NT OS Loader + Linux = how?

Rizwan Mohammad wrote:
> Use the MBR of the first SCSI device and lilo will handle everything.

I tried that and Linux hangs after "LI".

> IF u put lilo in an extended partition, it won't work.

I don't have extended partitions here. Only 4 scsi disks, some of which
I use for NT, some of which for Linux.

> Every HDD has an MBR. and every partition has an mbr.
> lilo on first MBR takes over the boot process of all os under itself.
> If u can't access NT on the machine then use the /boot/boot.b of the machine
> where linux and NT are in harmony with each other. copy this file in /boot with
> the same name and give lilo -u <device_name> ( or the dd command with the
> proper if and of files) it will restore your boot sector of NT to the
> problamatic machine.

There is no problem to boot NT if it is alone there. There IS the
problem to boot Linux either if it is alone on the system or if there is
an NT on the system too. On an IDE system I have no problems with them


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