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General Linux Questions

OK these questions may seem basic but I am brand new to linux and have a few questions/problems with installation. I am trying to install Red Hat Linux on an old Pentium 90 computer. All of the peripherals are compliant according to the Red Hat web site. I am installing linux by following directions from a Linux text book ("Linux clearly explained" by Phaffenberger). Anyway here are my issues:

1) The PC is not Y2K compliant. Will this cause a problem? If I boot up the year in the bios gets set to 2094. The bios can not be upgraded. I have a few options here. I can either go into the bios manually each time and fix the time or I can set the year to 1999 or earlier. Will either of these cause a problem for Linux? On my initial install I left the date at 2094 which may be causing some of my problems.

2) When I tried to get the video card set up the automatic detection would only allow me to configure 480x640 resolution which is near useless. The monitor is a generic Super VGA monitor. The video card has 2MB of RAM. When I had Win98 installed the card was capable of 1024x768 easily. Even with the Super VGA monitor I was able to set the resolution to 800x600.

3) During initial installation things seemed to install correctly. I logged in as root and set up some accounts and then tried to install the sound card using /usr/sbin/sndconfig. But when I ran that program noting happens except for a text window popping up for a second or so.

4) When I log off the machine seems to hangup. The screen goes blank and absolutly nothing happens. I have to hard reboot the machine to get it to respond.

Well those are the major issues right now. I really need to get the screen resolution better if I am going to learn how to use linux. I am thinking of reinstalling but this time not using Custom and using the standard server configuration. If anyone has any suggestions or pointer I would greatly appreciate it.
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