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RE: General Linux Questions


> questions/problems with installation. I am trying to install
> Red Hat Linux

Version? 5.0, 5.2, 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, etc...

> on an old Pentium 90 computer. All of the peripherals are compliant
> according to the Red Hat web site. I am installing linux by following

So far so good.

> directions from a Linux text book ("Linux clearly explained" by
> Phaffenberger). Anyway here are my issues:

Never read this one. But there are some excellent guides for the version you
have in the RedHat site. They are very clear and concise. Take them a look.

> 1) The PC is not Y2K compliant. Will this cause a problem? If

I have some "old junks", but they work quite well. I have some Compaqs where
even the factory loaded Windows date is independent from BIOS date. You may
be lucky. On the other hand, there is a trick you may want to try when you
get more confident: instead of changing the date/time every time you turn on
the box, set your system date/time through the internet with a known time
server. I don't do it myself, but I know it can be done, and better than
that, it can be done automatically. On the other hand, you may want to check
if you are not having a battery problem instead. Old boxes tend to fail
there. Just look for a lithium/cadmium battery in your motherboard, and try
a replacement.

> 2) When I tried to get the video card set up the automatic
> detection would
> only allow me to configure 480x640 resolution which is near
> useless. The
> monitor is a generic Super VGA monitor. The video card has
> 2MB of RAM. When

Have you changed the video mode manually? Some cards accept different modes,
and system is usually started on the low ones. I am not at home, and I don't
remember the exact key combination for that, but, once in X, you press
left-ctrl+left-alt+ "+" in the numeric key pad and you change the
definition. If the key combination does not work, try out with the
left-shift, too. I just can't seem to remember the exact combination (I am
getting old...).

BTW, what is your video card? How does Windows detect it?

> 3) During initial installation things seemed to install
> correctly. I logged
> in as root and set up some accounts and then tried to install
> the sound card
> using /usr/sbin/sndconfig. But when I ran that program noting
> happens except
> for a text window popping up for a second or so.

What card? (Full info is required when you ask for help here...).

> 4) When I log off the machine seems to hangup. The screen
> goes blank and
> absolutly nothing happens. I have to hard reboot the machine
> to get it to
> respond.

How are you logging out? Do you have BIOS APM features enabled?

Hope this helps. Any questions, were are around from time to time ;).


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