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Unable to install - black screen

I hope somebody can give me some clue as to what is going on and how I can
I finally got the official RedHat 6.2 in the mail. I was going to wait to
install it until I had a little more time, but Windows/DOS?? has suddenly
given me a problem (or maybe it's a virus is doing strange things?), so I've
decided to install Linux now. I would actually like to keep windows on the
one drive and install Linux on the other. This I've done with another
computer and it was not a problem.
My problem now is that when I start my computer, the screen is black - I
hear my hard drive running, but NOTHING!!!! shows up on the screen until
Windows 98 actually gets started! I cannot even get into the BIOS - or
rather, I can't see if I'm in the BIOS. I assume I am, because the computer
doesn't continue on to windows when I push the delete button.
I tried booting the computer with the RedHat Boot diskette. I can hear that
I have booted, but nothing shows up on the on the screen - it is totally
black. That makes it a little difficult for me to follow any instructions!
At the moment I am actually 'stuck' with Windows! A conspiracy?
Any ideas?


Marie-Thérèse Lorentzen
Theklavej 27 - 3.th
DK 2400 København NV (Copenhagen NV)

Copenhagen - 38 19 36 44
Haraldsted    - 57 60 19 06 or 57 60 03 51
e-mail: lorentz cphling dk

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