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On Sun, 28 May 2000, James Daniels wrote:

> leonardjo hetnet nl wrote:
> Leonard
> You are correct, the Howto documents was not included on the 6.2 cd.  I
> am sure that this a an oversight on RedHat part.  I am using the howto
> documents from my 6.1 cd, since they are fairly recent.  The file needed
> is howto*.rpm
> If you dont have the 6.1 cd, you can download it from the redhat ftp
> site or one of its mirrors.
> Jim

This is not an oversight, the HOWTOs are still there. They are on the
Documentation CD included in every Red Hat Linux box set. On this CD is
the Installation Guide, the Getting Started Guide, and the HOWTOs.

You can also find everything here:




or at one of our mirrors.

I hope this helps.

Martin Messer
Support Monkey	Red Hat, Inc.
www.redhat.com	ftp.redhat.com

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