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Re: mount problem (urgent!!)

Mark Lo wrote:
> Hi all,
>           I did backup some of the major programs using tar to floppy
> disk.  I won't be able to mount the floppy disk.
> So that I am not able to recovery my programs.  I have tried to use
> various system platform like vat, msdos, sysv...etc.  but still
> unsuccessful..

tar -tvf /dev/fd0

> I got the following error messages..  Wong fs type, bad block, or too
> many mounted file system...etc.   Any information is helpful.
Does the floppy have a file system on it?  
Did you format the floppy and then create a file like backupfiles.tar?

My guess is that the command above will let you see that the files exist
on the floppy.

Hope this helps.....

Tom Cooper
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