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Re: help: newbie must install qmail on redhat 6.1 machine !!!

I would look at www.linuxdocs.org and lookup up the mail howto. There is also a website for sendmail that is helpful. It depends also what is going on with DNS and if the network is setup etc.

Edward Nainggolan wrote:

If I want to build a mail server, is it enough just installing Qmail on
Linux RedHat 6.1 ???

My client on the internal network using MS-Windows95/98/NT and MS-Outlook

I already have install Qmail on my system, but it isn't work well.

What HOWTO's that <exactly> I must follow if I using Linux RedHat 6.1 for my
mail server machine???

Should I install Fetchmail, Procmail, Qpopper, or etc....???

Thank's a lot for all of you...
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