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Re: upgrdading from ide to scsi hdd

On 3 Oct 2000, at 15:55, Kevin Colby wrote:

> Personally, I wouldn't use Ghost.  It isn't needed, and I'm not
> too sure it would even do the best job.  In a nutshell:

I've used on it and Partition Magic on numerous occasions.  Ext2 is not a 
directly supported filesystem so it just does a bit by bit copy of the drive.
Works great.

> 1.  Shut down system.


> 9.  Edit /etc/fstab to reflect the changes.
> 10. Unmount the changed mount points.
> 11. Remount the changed mount points.
> The system is only down between 1 & 3.  

down time is not an issue, ease of doing this is, plus I have other things to 
do while it does the ghosting.

> you're trying to move.  If you are moving /var, this may be difficult.  You
> will need to either shut down all services using /var, or boot into
> single-user mode for this part. 

that all works, but is way more interactive work than necessary.  All I do is 
shutdown system, install new drive, boot with ghost disk, clone drive, remove 
old drive, reboot. ; - )

If there is a problem becasue of /var, I just point /etc/fstab at the /var 
that exists on /dev/hda from when the system only had a single 4gb ide drive.

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