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chandrasekhar wrote:
> Hi
>         Thanx for info again, i have doubt on my L1 Cache,when i do dmesg
> it shows this,but the dealer told me i have 512KB cache.
> hda: SAMSUNG SV2044D, 19464MB w/472kB Cache, CHS=2481/255/63
>                                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> While on my friends computer it shows 512KB on dmesg.
> I did hdparm -c 1 -d 1 -k 1 /dev/hda (and placed it in /etc/rc.d/rc.local)
> does this affect(i don't think so?)...
> Can anyone advice where the error would be.or how to find how much cache i
> have.I checked the initial boot image when bios loads there it shows
> L1/L2 512KB cache (before Lilo).

Are you lookinhg for CPU cache or disk drive cache?
L1 & L2 usually refer to CPU not disks.
To check the CPU cache try 'cat /proc/cpuinfo'
or look for the report in dmesg for L1 and L2
cache, neare the CPU initialization.

Fro disks, you may see less cache than expected.
Ex: my IBM disk only has 466K of the 512K, because
the drive firmware uses some of the cache, but IBM
markets the drive as having 512K cache.


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