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Re: MS Exchange Client

I use Linux in a corporate invironment, and Netscape to get to my
exchange server.  IMAP is available to me, so I use that to keep my mail
on the exchange server, while reading and composing mail using

The biggest drawbacks are:
1. No public address book availability.  My company is in the midst of a
directory deployment, and that problem should be resolved once that is
in place.
2. No calendaring support - Netscape doesn't know how to deal with
Exchange calendars
3. Stability.  For some reason, every few days my Netscape will give me
the message "invalid something something in FETCH command" and I need to
restart Netscape.
4. I can't view "archives" because of the proprietary format that
Outlook uses.

Another option is to use IMAP support from StarOffice.  That works, too.

Finally, take a look at HelixGnome - they're working hard on an Outlook
replacement.  http://www.helixcode.com/apps/evolution.php3

Hope this helps!

Tom Cooper

> "Freivald, Joseph A, GOVMK" wrote:
> >
> > Is there an e-mail client for Linux that will interface with MS Exchange
> > using the MS Exchange native interface?
> >
> > Our internal mail system does not use POP.  I don't know much about mail
> > protocols, but to set up e-mail under WinSlows I must use Exchange or
> > Outlook and select the "MS Exchange Server" option in the "Mail and Fax"
> > applet in the control panel.  The address of the server does not coincide
> > with any DNS or NETBios computer name, but instead looks like some sort of
> > Post Office.
> >
> > I have no internal support for Linux, so if someone knows what program to
> > use, then I will go to that list and documentation to inquire on the
> > details.

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