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RE: Problems with Red Hat Installation

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--- Hamid Mukhtar <ahmad123 psh paknet com pk> wrote:
> Hi friends,
> 	I am a linux newbie.I subscribed this list to get
> help on my linux
> installation. If this is the wrong list please tell
> me about the correct
> one.
> 	My problem is that I want to install Red Hat 7
> along with windows on same
> hard disk. In my c: partition windows resides. D:
> and E: are also for
> windows programs.As a test I tried to install Linux
> on my F:, but inspite of
> installing it 5-6 times, I never get it at boot time
> and windows 98 is
> loaded automatically at boot time. When I boot from
> Linux bootable disk, the
> OS is loaded successfully however it takes a lot of
> time, almost 10 minutes.
> 	I have also heard from a friend that there is a
> general problems with
> Quantum Fireballs hard disks regarding boot sector
> problems.
> 	Can anyone help me please, or any suggestions about
> the discussion
> lists/forms to solve my problem.
> Thanks
> Hamid Mukhtar

did u make ur partition "F" ext2 or did u install
linux on ur prveious FAT partition...


	I tried both of the methods, but none work.The problem is same, it doesn't
boot Linux at all. It even doesn't show LILO prompt at startup.
Hamid Mukhtar

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