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Multi-Homed Servers

Title: Multi-Homed Servers

Hi all,

Has anyone seen a GOOD doc on setting up a server with multiple NIC's connected to completely disparate networks?  Here's the setup:

I have two outside networks with regular IP addresses.  Each has its own firewall/gateway.  I'd like to set up a few servers to talk to both outside networks.  Part of the complication is that I use NAT on both the firewalls to convert outside addresses to internal ones.  What I need to get squared in my mind is how to make sure that a request that heads into NIC "A" from network "A" on the server gets answered back on NIC "A" and a request that comes into NIC "B" from network "B" gets answered back on NIC "B".

The setup isn't quite obvious from the docs I've seen so far.  I've been on RH, LDP, and a lot of other sites, but it seems that no-one is either doing what I'd like to do (IF possible) or what I'm trying to cook up won't work that way.  Maybe I'm overcomplicating it, but looking at the kernel route table documentation doesn't give me any explicit notion of whether or not just adding the NIC and setting a route would even work in this situation.

Any ideas?  Any suggestions would be gratefully received (even, "Stop wasting your time--it doesn't work that way" :-)

Bill Farrell

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