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How to connect 7.3 to a Linksys router based LAN

There seems to be a gaping hole in the RH and Gnome documentation... that is, how does one connect to a LAN? There is all sorts of info about connecting to the internet, but nothing visible to a new user about LANs (at least in the  Getting Started Guide and the Nautilus docs and Gnome). I'd expect Nautilus to be able to browse the LAN, but I don't see any access point (like network neighborhood in win). The various network setting tools that I can access via Gnome don't seem to deal with domains, workgroups, etc. And I know Samba is out there somewhere, but I cannot find it on any menus.

The specifics of my situation are: three pcs, one redhat 7.3 and two Win2K Pro rigs. They are all connected to a linksys BEFSR14 cable/dsl router, and all can get onto the net fine, IPs are assinged dynamically etc. The win2k pro systems belong to a workgroup MyWorkgroup. How can I get the RedHay system to see and work with the other two pcs, share a printer, etc?


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