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Frozen boot with Redhat 7.0


I have a boot problem with the following config:
- an OEM Pentium MMX - 233 MHz with 64 MB (the CPU is a VNS 686 coming from Jumptech-Adastra);
- a IDE HDD 18 GB;
- a PhoenixPICO BIOS version 4.0 release 5.12 on the CPU.
After some difficulties to find the correct settings concerning the IDE in the BIOS, I succeed to install Linux Redhat 7.0 with HDD master and the CDROM slave on the primary IDE: there is no error message during all the installation.
My problem is appearing when I try to reboot on the HDD after the installation:
1 - I need a floppy to boot because just a "L" is displayed if I try to boot directly on disk.
2 - Bootstrapping on a floppy, the linux bootstrap is correctly passing from the floppy to the HDD, but the boot hangs just after the kernel launching: after the following message "Configuring kernel parameters [OK]". At this step, the CPU is not stopped but the boot is indefinitely hung up. If I press ^C, the boot continues with "Bringing up interface lo [OK]", "Bringing up interface eth0 [OK]" but definitively stops on "Starting system logger" message and I never have the login. At this step, if I try to reboot by ctrl+alt+del, the CPU reset 1 time on 2 (sometime, it is completely halted and ctrl+alt+del is not operating).

I have the following additionnal comments:
- Redhat 7.0 is correctly operating on the same CPU with a SCSI interface. unfortunately the SCSI CPU is now obsolete and I must use the IDE interface.
- I use all the HDD capacity for Linux without DOS partition.
- For a correct Linux installation, I set the BIOS as follow:
* in the main menu, the 4 IDE adapters are set with:
-> Multi-sector transfer: disabled;
-> LBA mode control: enabled;
-> 32 bit I/O: disabled;
-> Transfer mode: standard.
* in the advanced menu:
-> Local IDE adapter:
-> Primary IDE prefetch: disabled;
-> Secondary IDE prefetch: disabled;
-> FIFO mode: 32 bytes;
-> Master IDE concurrency: enabled or disabled (same problem);
-> Master IDE 1-1-1 transfer: enabled or disabled (same problem).
- With the previous settings, the HDD is seen as a 8455 MB by the BIOS whereas that is a 18 GB. But the Linux installation sees the correct capacity of 18 GB then I don't think that is the problem.
- Seeting the Local IDE adapter field to "Primary & secondary" in the BIOS, I tried to install with the HDD master on the primary IDE and the CDROM master on the secondary IDE without success.

Could you help me?


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