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Re: how do you unsubscribe?

Richard Suchy wrote:
in the doccumentation it says that periodically your account information
will be sent out to you. I for one have forgotton my password so
unsubscibing is a bit of a problem. I see no way (though there may be one)
to have my password sent to me via my email address. The addition of some
clear way to get your password if it has been forgotten would probably clear
up this mess and the zillion other people who have remained silent will be
able to also unsubscribe.

Go to the link at the bottom of this message (I'll repeat it here):


At the very bottom center of that page (under the heading
"Redhat-install-list Subscribers") is a box you can put your email
address in, followed by an "Edit Options" button.  Put your email
address in that box and click "Edit Options".  On the next page that
opens, click on the "Email My Password To Me" button (under the
heading "Forgotten Your Password?").

Can't be much easier than that, can it?

And again I reiterate the admonishment:

    Whenever you join a mailing list (and I mean ANY mailing list, not
    just this one), please READ AND SAVE the "Welcome" message you
    receive.  A hell of a lot of these "I can't unsubscribe" questions
    are answered in that message.

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