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RE: install problem on dual processors

Title: RE: install problem on dual processors

Gave "noapic" a try and still no luck. Kernel upgrade likewise. In single CPU mode the next thing that happens ( after the point where duel CPU hangs), is detection of irq's for the scsi cards. BIOS upgrade may be unavoidable as I am running out of options.

> Warren Mason wrote:
> > I have been attempting to install RH7.3 on a Supermicro
> superserver that has
> > 2 PIII CPU's. All goes fine until the server  reboots and
> then it just hangs
> > right after "Loading aic7xxx module" appears on screen.
> However, if I boot
> > into the single CPU kernel there is no problems at all and
> all works fine. I
> > thought it must be something wrong with the server so I got
> a new one and
> > the same problem happens at exactly the same time. Anyone
> have an idea what
> > could be wrong?
> Try booting with the "noapic" option on the command line.  This smells
> like an APIC race condition--especially since the single proc kernel
> works. If that works, then try to update your motherboard's BIOS by
> using the utility from Supermicro's website.  You may also wish to
> upgrade the kernel to 2.4.18-5 or 2.4.18-10.
> The noapic option forces Linux to set up the APICs rather
> than depending
> on what the BIOS sets them to.  And updated BIOS may set them to the
> proper configuration.

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