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RE: xioerrors

Hi Rick,

It didn't show up any active connection.

Anyway, we seem to be able to get round/resolve the problem.

We knew that the refusal of login on normal user accounts
was due to an gdm authentication error.  That error was later found
to be caused by the fact that the /tmp directory protection has become 755.

By changing the /tmp protection to 1777, normal user accounts can now log 
on the console.

The following on question is that how the protection on /tmp got changed?
Is that logged somewhere? (Have checked messages, but only found a number
of entries on cannaserver: remove [/tmp/.iroha_unix/IROHA].)

Another question is do we need the fontpath or xfs running afterall?
Currently the FontPath is still commented out in XF86Config.

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Chiu, PCM (Peter) wrote:
> Thanks, Jay and Rick,
> ps -ax | grep xfs reveals
> nnnn S  X 0:00 xfs -droppriv -daemon
> There is a S90xfs in /etc/rc5.d/ which points to ../init.d/xfs
> The file protection on XF86Config is rw-r--r--.
> Any more ideas?

Can you do a "netstat -lpn | grep xfs" and verify you see something like
(line wrapped for printability):

     unix  2      [ ACC ]     STREAM     LISTENING     2898
	2183/xfs            /tmp/.font-unix/fs7100

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