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Re: Can't Find printers ??

check your firewall settings.

On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 12:40 PM, Micros50 <micros50 verizon net> wrote:

I just upgraded one of my machines to Fedora 12. So far so good except
when it comes to printing over my network.

I have 2 shared printers attached to my network. One (we'll call it
"printer A") is a stand alone Ethernet printer connected to my local
network via wireless access. The other ("printer B") is connected via a
computer and shared over the network via CUPS.

Normally when I configure printing (on fedora 11 and previous versions)
I open the printer config tool and the printers (both A and B) are
automatically detected.

However, for some strange reason fedora 12 is not able to see any of
these shared networked printers. The ONLY way I could get it to print
was to enter the exact IP address of the wireless printer. But that's no
good since the printer connects via DHCP and it's address is subject to
change. And the other printer (printer B) is not found at all.

Any ideas what might be going on here ? Anything simple that I might be
overlooking ? I did a quick check of the docs but found nothing
specific.  Any help, suggestions, etc. are appreciated.  Thanks.



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