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Re: Install Logs?

Boba Fette wrote:
> Hello all,
> recently I was asked to produce a set of procedures I used to install RHL
> 5.1. I was originally setting it up as a test server and now someone want
> to possibly make it a production level machine. I am against this, am will
> most likely win the fight, but I myself am curious if there are any logs
> that showed what I installed, and then optional RPMs and files
> there-after. Does such a thing exist? Is there a way I can find this out?

The installation procedure puts a log of everything in the /tmp
You may recall seeing that notice when you installed.

To see a complete list of rpms that are currently installed, type

rpm -qa

If your machine will be exposed to the internet or other network
where you cannot trust everyone implicitly, it is critically important
to install all the upgrade rpms for your version, 
from ftp://updates.readhat.com or a mirror.  
You will then have all available bug fixes
and security fixes in place.  

There are additional steps you must take if you
want to convert the server from its default personality
which is fine for a trusted local network, into 
one with all defenses up - you need that on the internet.

Jan Carlson
janc iname com   Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Mailed with Netscape 4.5 on Red Hat Linux 5.2

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