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Re: Linux on Intel 820 or 840 chipsets???

I dont have any experience myself
but the vendor I use NetExpress
has a lot of info on its web pages

and a cursory reading says the 820 amd 840 some versions
at least are good.

quoting from the netex motherboard page:
We are hearing a lot of misinformation about new technology. Please read this carefully before calling or e-mailing:

Contrary to popular belief the 820 and 840 motherboards with the 133MHz FSB do *NOT* use PC133 memory, they use
PC100 memory. While you may install PC133 memory on any PC100 motherboard it will only run at PC100 speeds of
100MHz, not 133MHz. Indeed since most of the PC133 memory runs at 3-3-3 and not 2-2-2, PC133 memory used on a
440BX, 440GX, 820 or 840 motherboard will run slower than PC100 memory on the same board. Moreover, the AMD K7 also
does not support PC133 memory.

If you want to use PC133 SDRAM you must wait for boards using either the Via 133A chip set or the Intel Solano chip set.
Both chip sets support 4X AGP as well. The Via 133A will be available in January. The Solano does not currently have an
ETA. We expect it by Q2 2000.

If you wish to use a Coppermine CPU you need to either use a 810e, 820 or 840 motherboard -or- a 440BX board with the
correct VRM that can handle the lower voltages of the Coppermine. Most 440BX boards do *NOT* have the correct VRM.
This will probably change with new revisions of the current models. The Intel L440GX+, ASUS P2B-F and ASUS P3B-F do
support the Coppermine CPUs. The ASUS P2B-D and P2B-DS to *NOT* support the Coppermine CPUs. The ASUS
P2B-LS series is currently under evaluation.

According to Intel SDRAM performance on an 820 chip set motherboard is slower than SDRAM performance on a 440BX
chip set. Is this true? It is not true in many cases. For faster CPUs (600MHz/133MHz and up) early results seem to indicate
that the increase in bus speed and CPU speed combine to yield a greater SDRAM performance on the 820 than on the
440BX. So if you are considering using a faster CPU then the 820 may be the best solution. The 820 chip set natively
supports RAMBUS memory only. SDRAM is supported via a bridge. The bridge is available either on the motherboard (As in
the Intel CC820 motherboard or ASUS P3C2000) or on an SDRAM riser card which is installed in a RAMBUS RIMM slot
(For example on an P3C-E). The SDRAM riser cards allows one to install two SDRAM DIMMs in a RAMBUS RIMM slot.
It should be pointed out that Intel has based its reputation on RAMBUS and has a significant financial stake in RAMBUS so
any claims about the relative performance of SDRAM made by Intel might not be considered objective. We will post results
based on the "Sustainable Memory Bandwidth in High Performance Computers" benchmark (STREAM) as soon as more
RAMBUS modules and 820 boards are available. We have reached no conclusion in this regard as of yet. However, if true a
600MHz/100MHz or slower CPU on the 440BX with SDRAM may be faster than an 820 board with SDRAM (but still slower
than a RAMBUS based solution).

...stuff about athlon

i820 Camino Chip Set: We are posting pricing on the new 820 motherboards the moment we receive pricing.
The new ASUS P3C2000, P3C-E, Intel Cape Cod CC820 and several Super Micro motherboards using the
i820 chip set are now in stock. These are the first boards on the market to feature the Intel Camino i820 chip
set. We have certified these boards for use with Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD and BSDi. The major benefits of
the i820 Camino chip set include a 133MHz front side bus, 4X AGP and support for 600-800MHz RAMBUS
RIMMs or PC100 SDRAM. The i820 chip set does *not* support PC133 133MHz SDRAM. PC133 support
won't be available until the Solano is released in 2000. Some models like the Intel Cape Cod CC820 will
support only 100MHz SDRAM while others like the upcoming ASUS P3C-D and Intel Vancouver VC820
support only RAMBUS RIMMs. RIMMs are now available at a whopping $1000 per 128MB RIMM module!
We don't expect to see any other i820 based boards until the end of December or the beginning of January.
These boards may be bundled with 64MB RAMBUS RIMMs.

i840 Carmel Server Chip Set: The i840 server chip set has been officially released. The Super Micro PIIIDME
is now in stock. The Intel Outrigger OR840 is over two months past due. Intel has no comment on the status of
this board. These boards may be bundled with 128MB RAMBUS RIMMs. The Intel Outrigger OR840 features
4X AGP, a 133MHz front side bus, Rambus or PC100 SDRAM support and 66MHz 64-bit PCI.

---end of quote from netex
there is more discussion

regards, Jack ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at http://www.hotmail.com

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