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Re: Hard links between partitions?


Al Sparks wrote:

>>> By the way, that's not necessary.  Build with --sysconfdir=/etc/imapd.
>> ./configure --help for more juicy options.
>I actually was aware of that option, and in fact used the --prefix
>option (default install path is "/usr/lib/courier-imap", not
>"/usr/local/courier-imap/."  The documentation came up with a reason
>for keeping the software in "one place" as it were, (easy backup and
>actually it's also an easy uninstall too; it may mean an easier upgrade
>as well).

>When setting up a system, I try for consistency across platforms.
>Having all configuration files in /etc, even if they're softlinks,
>makes it easier for people unfamiliar with a particular system, but
>familiar with unix in general, to find things.

Your goals are the right ones, but I respectfully caution you against
your approach, insomuch as it may not scale.  If you export /usr/local
and/or produce rsyncable builds of your packages for several systems,
which are intended to keep binaries updated without disturbing
configurations, then your scheme is problematic, because it lumps
host-specific files with what should be read-only program directories.
To make it portable and shareable: configs in /etc, run-time variable
stuff in /var.  That said, I know this can get pretty religious.

>I'm also running qmail, and there is no equivalent ./configure or
>./config file (the qmail ./config file does something different).

You can edit the conf-* files before install.  But you're right about
/control; I don't know of any way to move just that directory during
make, and I do the same thing you do -- mkdir /etc/qmail, mv
$QMAIL/control/ /etc/qmail/, ln -s /etc/qmail/control $QMAIL/control.

Al, your responses suggest that my tone was misinterpreted; it was not
my intent to be insulting.  I'm just babbling out loud, as usual, and
frequently pose questions as much for myself as for anyone else.  I
wasn't exactly confident of the answer to my inode question until I
tried it, either!

- -d

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David Talkington

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