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Re: [rhelv5-list] Near Real-Time RSYNC with NFS

On 7/1/11 10:33 AM, Musayev, Ilya wrote:
> Its been a while since I posted here J
> I have an interesting problem where I need to rsync an nfs mount to
> another server in a different datacenter continuously with least time
> lapse possible. Needless to say, NFS server is an appliance that
> currently has issues with replication and I have no root access (i.e.
> EMC Cellera). The share contains 20 million files – so you can imagine
> rsync will take a bit of time to analyze and build a file list – it took
> 8 hours previously + 24 hours on actual sync.

I would say your EMC support org. needs to figure this out at the block
layer.  They could see block changes and replicate them to the remote filer.

NetApp has a great feature called SnapMirror which I've used in the past
to keep various NFS filers in sync.  It works great since it only syncs
block-level changes in WAFL.


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