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RE: submitting bugs?

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> From: M A Young [mailto:m a young durham ac uk]
> Sent: Mon, July 21, 2003 6:43 PM
> To: rhl-beta-list redhat com
> Subject: submitting bugs?
> Has bugzilla realised there is a new beta yet? I can't see any obvious
> category for the new beta, the closest match probably being rawhide.
> While I am writing this perhaps people can comment whether my problem
> really is a bug. The issue is that if you had added a java 
> plugin (in my
> case the ns610 one from 1.4.2) to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins so 
> it worked
> under shrike, mozilla won't start after you upgrade it - the fix is to
> replace the plugin with the ns610-gcc32 plugin instead.

>From release notes:

For proper Java operation, the Mozilla Web browser requires a Java plugin
compatible with gcc32 (such as Sun j2re 1.4.2).

> 	Michael Young
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