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Re: Sndconfig, does it have to go?

On Wed, 2003-07-23 at 11:40, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Benjamin Vander Jagt (benjaminvanderjagt adelphia net) said: 
> > > > But then after a couple of reboots, I opened up /etc/modules.conf and
> > > > there was my old Crystal card ready to go with the modules defined.
> > > 
> > > kudzu will automatically configure sound cards with native ISAPnP support
> > > (i.e., those in modules.isapnpmap)
> > > 
> > > Bill
> > 
> > All except for Turtle Beach Tropez+ ISAPnP cards.  :-D  It will see
> > them, but it will never configure them properly.  sndconfig will freeze
> > if I let it to a PnP probe...
> sndconfig freezes, or the machine freezes?
> Bill

It's been a while since I've used it, but I think only sndconfig
freezes.  I think if the system froze, I would remember having conducted
a more in-depth diagnosis.  Unfortunately, I have Win98 running my TB
Tropez+ right now.  Sadly, this card is too expensive for me to give up
to use my favorite OS...

I can check again, but it will be this evening at absolute earliest
before I can, since I would have to reinstall Red Hat on that system
(using J.A.M.D. 0.0.6).

Also BTW, I've tried my card on everything from a 486 DLC2-66 to an XP
1700+.  Windows always installs drivers right.  (These cards have a very
bad reputation for not working, but I know why.  The drivers are
distributed in dos sfx ZIP, and most people simply run the .exe files
and extract them either into directories or onto disks.  The program
needs a -d parameter (or -r, I can't remember), and with the files in
the wrong place, the drivers simply ask for the Windows disks for the
missing files, and it sticks in the wrong drivers.  On top of that, most
people give up and install the DOS drivers, hoping that the Windows SB
drivers will work; plus, DX5 thru DX7 kill the drivers.  The card itself
is very robust.)

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