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Re: No ext3/htree in Severn ?

On Tue, Jul 22, 2003 at 08:44:18PM +0200, Felipe Alfaro Solana wrote:
> Isn't this a beta? I think it's time for testing stuff like this :-)

I should clarify.

We've announced our change to a more public process mid-cycle.
Some might say that we shouldn't do that -- but when you have
a cycle, what *isn't* mid-cycle?  No matter where we start,
someone will have a complaint...

In this case, we were after freeze, but we moved our freeze out
a bit in order to be able to respond to at least a few requests
for changes to demonstrate that this process is real.  However,
there's a limit to the changes we can make sanely, and a beta
isn't really for testing to see whether code is any good; rather,
it's for testing code that we have gained reasonable confidence
is good.  Furthermore, if you look at our kernel package, we
already have a lot of patches in it (more than we would prefer
to have, to be frank) and additional patches add even more complexity,
which is not in line with our objective of staying as close to
upstream as we can (given where we started from).

Hope that helps...


 "He that composes himself is wiser than he that composes a book."
 Linux Application Development                     -- Ben Franklin

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