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Also noticed

X is using about 90+ MB of RAM according to system monitor. Is this
because it aggregates all RAM usage of GUI programs, or is this also a

Maybe 2.6 will fix the xmms thing though. I wanted to be sure I was not
the only one experiencing the problem. Since the bug has already been
filed, I will not do any more about it. It seems the bug filers
experience and mine were identical.

Sadly, this is pretty much a deal breaker for me. I really wanted to
Beta test it, but its hard when I can not listen to my music. Its very
irritating. I could live with other bugs but this. So my beta testing
comes to an end. (very brief I must say).

A few more things I saw which (I think) need attention.

     1. I think default install should not install all the games. I did
        not choose KDE but all KDE games were installed. I am still
        waiting to see that person who has played through all these
        games. Only a few quality games should be included, and the rest
        should be left to the user who really wants them.
     2. I think acme (the multimedia key daemon) should come standard. A
        lot of people, myself included, have multimedia keyboards, and
        this is a great need.
     3. Menus seem to be becoming long. Some consolidation is needed
     4. Can mozilla not be customized to use the gnome proxy settings? I
        really hate that mozilla, which comes with gnome most of the
        time, needs separate settings for network.
     5. This is an idea I once offered, that we could have a renice
        list, which contains default renice values for different apps.
        That way, one could choose the default priority levels for the
        different apps on the desktop, thereby tuning for best
        performance for each persons use. This list could come with 0's
        default too. Maybe this is too big a change. I really hate
        having to bump up xmms every time I start it. Maybe this will
        not be necessary with a preemptible kernel.
     6. Split value added services from basic updates in redhat network.
        This way, stuff like isos and maybe extra programs can be
        offered in the network, but basic security updates can be
        offered without a subscription. Or at least have an apt enabled
        ftp site. Just for security updates though. Especially now its
        becoming more community developed.
     7. Maybe its a gtk problem, but dragging borders is slow and
        redraws pitifully slowly. This kills the desktop experience.

Hopefully, the next beta irons out these issues. I have tried to make my
contribution though.

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